e-Solution Financial the Key Features

e-Solution Financial the Key Features

e-Solution Financial brings you superior accounting/ financial software for business with key features:

» Multi-currency
» VAT/GST Analysis
» Accounts Tracked by Departments
» Account Activity Analysis
» Customer Management
» Reports and Queries with Drill Down
» Budget Control and Forecasting
» Built-in Report Writer
» Bilingual Toggle


Different currencies and history of past exchange rates can be maintained in the system. Transactions can be entered in different currencies. The program automatically calculates exchange gain/loss when assets and liabilities held in foreign currencies are realized.

Periodic foreign currency revaluations can be carried out to record unrealized exchange gain/loss for assets and liabilities held in foreign currencies. When such assets and liabilities are realized, the program automatically reverses the unrealized gain/loss previously recorded.

VAT/GST Analysis
Tax Analysis feature in e-Solution Financial is designed to fulfill statutory reporting requirements with minimum user entry requirement. You can configure the program to automatically capture input and output taxes based on user-defined tax rates.

The program also caters to cases where tax has to be recorded in a separate transaction (such as input tax for goods imported). It is possible to link such transactions to their original purchasing transactions and have them reflected in the tax analysis report.

Accounts Tracked by Departments
Your organization may be divided into different departments each with identifiable income, expenses, assets and liabilities. You can set up departments and specify the accounts that require departmental tracking in the chart of accounts. Accounts available for departmental tracking include asset, liability, income and expense accounts. When allocating common expenses to departments, you can set up allocation basis to perform the allocation based on predefined percentages.

Account Activity Analysis
The activity analysis feature in e-Solution Financial allows different types of activities pertaining to one or more accounts to be classified for analysis purposes.

For example, cash related activities could be classified into different types of cash flow for cash flow analysis purpose. Costs related to a particular area can be classified into different cost elements for analysis and control.

With this powerful analysis feature, you can analyze key performance areas in revenue, cost, expenses, fixed assets, payables and receivables, etc to facilitate identification of areas producing adverse results.

Customer Management
Customers in today’s business context have become much more complex than before. You have deal with multiple customers with holding company-subsidiary relationship or franchiser-franchisee relationship. In some case customers may have multiple outlets. These relationships may make billing, shipping and payment a difficult task for your accounting staff.

e-Solution Financial allows you to keep multiple addresses for each customer as well as to link-up different customers by setting up associate relationships between them.

For customers who are associated with one another, you can apply receipts from one customer to its own invoices as well as those its associates, all in a single transaction. Statements of accounts can be printed in consolidated form or specifically for each outlet (shipping address) for customers with multiple outlets.

Reports and Queries With Drill-Down
e-Solution Financial provides all the functionalities you need to make querying your financial records an easy task. With an extensive general ledger search engine, you can locate transactions using a variety of fields including fuzzy searches for words contained the transactions’ particulars and remarks. Its powerful drill-down feature built into query screens allows you to view and edit the entire source transaction or simply view the underlying amounts allocated to the departments.

Budget Control and Forecasting
e-Solution Financial allows budget for all accounts to be entered for each financial year, up to a maximum of three years. An addition, P&L forecast interface is also provided for viewing of actual results against forecasted amount. This interface comes with drill-down capability allowing actual results to be traced right to the source transaction. Actual and budgeted results can be exported to text file format to facilitate editing work, which can later be re-imported as a new budget.

Budget checks can be set up for selected accounts, to be monitored by the system during transaction entry.

Built-in Report Writer
Besides an extensive range of built in reports, e-Solution Financial comes with a built-in report writer that can be used by non-technical users. You can design reports such as financial statements, cash flow statements, departmental analysis, account activity analysis, project analysis, actual against budget, current year against previous year, etc, taking full advantage of the wealth of information contained in your financial system. In addition, multiple layers of drill-down is available in reports designed using the report writer, allowing you to view the report in greater details. Reports generated can be saved in popular spreadsheet formats.

Bilingual Toggle
e-Solution Financial comes with the bilingual language toggle feature incorporating English and another Asian language (e.g. Chinese) in a single copy of the program. You get two languages with one copy of the program installed. There is no need to install different copies with different languages.

You can toggle the language of the program interface between two languages with a click of a button. Important fields in the data are stored in two different languages are displayed according to the language selected.

Bilingual toggle is especially useful to foreign companies operating in Asian countries as it allow users of different language backgrounds to work with the language they are proficient with. Native users will work with the native language while foreign users will probably choose to use the program in the English language.

With bilingual toggle, you can prepare financial reports in the native language and formats that meet the requirements for local reporting and at the same time prepare the reports in the language and formats required for reporting to the head office. All these done using a single set of data.

For foreign companies operating in Asia, e-Solution Financial gives you the extra advantage over your competitors.

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