e-Solution Financial and Distribution: Success Stories Part#2

e-Solution Financial and Distribution: Success Stories Part#2

NeoAsia (S) Pte Ltd

NeoAsia’s previous computerized systems were implemented in a piecemeal manner and could not be integrated to provide the management with real-time business intelligence. As a strong believer of technology, the managing director, Mr. Jimmy Ang set out to implement a new system for the company’s operation in Singapore.

“We have experienced that technology is very important to the business. We are successful because we have the state-of-the-art technology in skincare. But IT is also important as it helps us provide a high quality of service to our customers and brings us to the next level with business intelligence.”

An integrated financial and distribution system is required for its skin care distribution business. Also, to improve its customer loyalty system, an enhanced online CRM system is required to handle its Neoclub membership operation.

The company also plans to invest in the latest hardware as well as data and Internet security systems to ensure smooth operation of the new computerized system.

After evaluating solutions proposed by several vendors, NeoAsia decided to implement the e-Solution Business Suite developed by Silk Technologies Pte Ltd. The solution consists of an accounting system with GL, AR, AP and fixed assets modules, as well as a distribution system that manages sales, purchase and inventory. The system uses the Microsoft SQL Server as it backend database and runs on NeoAsia’s office network which comprises of HP servers, workstations, notebook computers and printers.

Training and implementation was done by the Silk Tech team during the project lifespan.

Silk Technologies also added customized features to the e-Solution Business Suite. These include:
Capturing of marketing fund contribution in sales transactions and
Printing of batch number on invoices.
In addition, Silk Technologies also developed web-based application for NeoClub, Neoasia’s customer loyalty program for it skincare products. The software can be accessed by it customers via the Internet.

The Silk Tech Communicator program is also used for sending communications to the NeoClub members.

Back-end Solution
The financial and distribution modules of the e-Solution Business Suite form the backend system are installed for both Singapore and Malaysia offices. The systems make use of Microsoft SQL Server2000 as their database management system and are installed on HP Servers.

The back-end system met NeoAsia’s requirements in the area of sales, sales promotion, exchange, returns, purchase and inventory management. Being an integrated system, the system is able to generate up-to-date reports for operation and management purposes.

Customer Relationship Module
A customer relationship management program was developed to allow members of the NeoClub and Exuviance club to login and update their profile, check their loyalty points, account summary and make redemptions with their loyalty points. The CRM system is a web-based program that can be accessed via the Internet. The program also comes with admin login for administrators to carry out administration tasks such as product maintenance, member maintenance, updating promotions, processing redemption orders and generating account statements, etc.

The CRM solution is supported by the Silk Tech Communicator software which is used to create and broadcast emails to members of the NeoClub and Exuviance Club.

Server and Security Setup
Neoasia’s database for its enterprise business solution is stored on the HP DL380 G5 server. The server is installed with HP dataprotector software for its routine data backup. In addition, it comes with a one-button disaster recovery module for easy recovery.

Another server, the HP ML350 G2 server is used as the web server for the web-based CRM module developed by Silk Tech. Neoasia’s website is also hosted in-house on the same server. It is equipped with firewall and a data backup system.

All hardware and software were installed by Neoasia’s IT solution vendor, Silk Technologies.

Post Implementation
NeoAsia was able to implement a complete solution with the installation of the e-Solution Business Suite and the customized CRM module. With the IT infrastructure and enterprise solution in place, NeoAsia now has the technology and system that readily support its business expansion into the region.

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